2019 Entertainment Calendar

Marc Douglas Berardo

Meet Marc Douglas Berardo

Marc Douglas Berardo always captivates the room from the first note to the final bow. His ability to have an audience crying one minute and laughing the next defines his artistry as a songwriter, but the real evidence of his skill as an entertainer is that people leave his shows asking when he'll be back."- Mile High Music, Colorado

"Marc Douglas Berardo brings positive energy to all his performances. As a musician, songwriter and entertainer, I rank him with some of the best. I'm a big fan, and always look forward to hearing him, as well as spending time with him before and after the show."-Phil Ciganer-Towne Crier Cafe, Beacon, NY

"Berardo sounds like a fishing-town Bruce Springsteen (in Nebraska mode), a soft-toned Don Henley, or a James Taylor with a literary side. The comparisons to singer-songwriter greats are infinite. They're also apt."-Fairfield County Weekly, CT. -4.3.08

marc phillips

Meet Marc Phillips

This lively musician fills the room with his energy! His non-stop singing encompasses songs we all like to sing and dance to. Be sure to stick around until closing to hear his patriotic rendition of the Star Spangled Banner!

krys and matt

Meet Krys Jackson

Krys Jackson, drums and percussion player, has been bringing his music talent and handsomeness to the National Hotel on Block Island for the past 18 years. His extensive experience playing Rock, Reggae, Ska, Funk, Progressive, Blues and Bluegrass is packed hard and mixed into a blender like a Frozen Mudslide. His passion for live music is poured out for all to enjoy.

nena and the cosmos

Meet Nena & The Cosmos

Originating from Costa Rica, a group of friends put a band together and started playing weekly gigs. While the consider themselves a reggae band, the group also does covers from many decades and has an eclectic set list. Good vibes and groovy tunes!

kilts matter

Meet Kilts Matter

I could give you a blanket statement and say "we play everything" and although that wouldn't be wrong to say, it wouldn't quite get the message across. The best way to describe this band is, "Think about the most fun you've ever had seeing a band. Now imagine that band wearing kilts." That is what we're about. We play all types of music and bring the party wherever we go, all while looking dapper in kilts. Don't believe us? Come see for yourself.