2021 Entertainment Calendar

Marc Douglas Berardo

Meet Marc Douglas Berardo

Marc Douglas Berardo always captivates the room from the first note to the final bow. His ability to have an audience crying one minute and laughing the next defines his artistry as a songwriter, but the real evidence of his skill as an entertainer is that people leave his shows asking when he'll be back."- Mile High Music, Colorado

"Marc Douglas Berardo brings positive energy to all his performances. As a musician, songwriter and entertainer, I rank him with some of the best. I'm a big fan, and always look forward to hearing him, as well as spending time with him before and after the show."-Phil Ciganer-Towne Crier Cafe, Beacon, NY

"Berardo sounds like a fishing-town Bruce Springsteen (in Nebraska mode), a soft-toned Don Henley, or a James Taylor with a literary side. The comparisons to singer-songwriter greats are infinite. They're also apt."-Fairfield County Weekly, CT. -4.3.08

Shawn David Allen

Meet Shawn David Allen

Born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas until he relocated to Peterborough, New Hampshire at the ripe old age of 12. With three years of singing and guitar playing behind him (thanks to his Dad giving him a guitar when he was nine years old) he used his music to bridge the gap from one place to the other. He found himself in multiple bands throughout high school and always knew that it would become his profession.

After high school, Allen headed south and called Atlanta, Georgia home for a few years. Here, he was part of the exciting music scene from 1994-2000 playing in bars and clubs where he met and shared stages with many of Atlanta's premier players.

In early 2001 Allen received a call asking him to send a demo to the ski resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The resort was in need of an entertainer and he was ready to make a move. What was supposed to be a two week run of gigs turned into 15 Winter Seasons and well over 1000 shows. Allen has entertained tens of thousands of people at the end of their ski/ snowboarding day doing an apres ski show at the base of the world class Steamboat Ski Resort.

During the first run of shows in Steamboat, Allen met the owners of Ballard's Beach, a beach resort on Block Island, Rhode Island. He was invited to play Summers on the beach. One Summer turned into 12 Summer seasons of beachside shows five days each week where he again has entertained thousands upon thousands of vacationers and beach goers.

His full length album, Balancing Act, was produced by longtime friend and Zac Brown Band Bassist -- John Driskell Hopkins. Shawn continues to write his own songs and covers classic rock and blues ranging from Stevie Ray Vaughan to Tom Petty. His playing has brought him to gigs all across the country as well as overseas. Shawn is a professional musician who absolutely loves what he does.



Born on Martin Luther King Day, M. Spogga Hashway's mother raised 6 boys on her own and Spogga grew up a distant 9 years under his 5 older brothers. They influenced him with the songwriters of the 60's and 70's and he, himself, became colored by the blending of hip-hop and heavy metal in the 1980s.
His first performance was at age of 9 rocking the song Raspberry Beret for his extended family who rolled over laughing at the little boy imitating Prince. Being so young under the pac he was often left alone. He began immersing himself in art and music programs and was asked to become a councelor at E.C.C. summer camp. Here he began learning, teaching, leading bands and was able to perform weekly on stage at the age of 14.
Music became an everyday thing for Spogga which led to being accepted at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he was introduced to jazz and composition applying the language of music to his principal instrument of passion, the guitar. Being a school attended by producers and instrumentalists, Spogga became a lead singer for bands who formed in Boston requesting his talent.
Similarly after his 4 year, 4 day a week, 4 hour a day performances at The Old Opera House on Bourbon Street in New Orleans (2013-2017), Spogga had a long run of being requested to fill in and perform with bands on the world famous Bourbon Street. This nurtured and expanded his performance abilities even more!
Being a songwriter at a very young age it is now in Spogga's nature to write constantly. Over half of his archive is unrecorded but with a little help from his friends, a bit of innocence and a dash of luck he has been able to produce 4 solo albums. Seeing Spogga mix and play most instruments using whatever equipment is available inspires his contemporaries with his skill and dedication to music.
Love for all genres of music and a sense of sonic adventure led Spogga to work with house music producers, DJs, hip hop acts, jam bands, jazz bands, prog rock, pop, reggae, bluegrass and afro-cuban acts. During his time as musical director of The Spot Providence, he curated talent and assisted jams at the award-winning "Creation Tuesday" where local and touring musicians performed with this multi-talented artist. He has brought this concept with him to New Orleans where he co-hosted "Poetry on Poet" with radio personality and poet, Chuck Perkins.
The true quest of the Spogga Experience is to bring people of different demographics together through multi genre music and dance.
Musical innovation effortlessly weaving acoustic guitar, vocalisms, live beats, beatbox and looping to satiate our deepest musical and dancing desires.